Simulation and Estimation of Underwater Acoustical Tonals Emanating from Naval Platforms

Serdar Özen, Mehmet Öner, Mehmet Ali Çavuşlu, Ahmet Ceyhun İlgüy, Önder Tatar, Yaşar Hakan Başaran 

SİU 2013 

AbstractIn this study, a simulation environment, which can synthesize and analyze acoustical signals, has been developed in order to analyze the features and then to classify the naval platforms. In the simulation environment, multipath effects, in addition to transmission loss, have been taken into account to generate underwater acoustic signals. The real time analysis of the acoustic signals received by the hydrophones is accomplished by using LOFAR(Low Frequency Analysis and Recording) and DEMON(Detection of Enveloped Modulation on Noise) techniques. Order statistics based Constant False Alarm Rate type thresholding is applied in the frequency domain to the spectrogram obtained via LOFAR and DEMON analyses. This simulation environment enables to reduce the cost and time of conducting measurement campaigns in the sea, while it enables to test the performance of the feature extraction and classification algorithms.

Keywords—Underwater Acoustics,Acoustic Signal Processing, Constant False Alarm Rate, CFAR, multi-path, tonal estimation, LOFAR, DEMON